Broken Spring or Cables? – Torsion Spring Replacement is not a do it yourself job

Replacing your torsion spring can turn a broken door into a fully functional door, however this is a job best left to experts. We will measure your spring size and replace it with either the same size spring or improve your garage door life span with a larger spring size at no extra cost. Let Easy Access Garage Doors take a look at your broken garage door in order to asses the damage and give you a qualified opinion as to whether is repairable or needs to be replaced. Remember that Easy Access Garage Door staff is not on a commission basis, thus repairing only necessary parts.

Garage Door Opener not working?

If your motor is running and your door is not moving, your gears are most likely stripped. We will take apart your motor, replace both gears and your opener will work like brand new. Why buy a brand new opener when your new gears will last you another 10 years. Easy Access Garage Doors has hundreds of parts on hand ensuring that your repair is complete on the first visit.

Easy Access Garage Door Preventive Maintenance – Preventing problems before they happen!

Easy Access Garage Doors offers Preventive Maintenance which includes a yearly inspection of your garage door.With our knowledge as experienced technicians we will service your garage door and opener to provide preventive maintenaice against such repairs as; broken cables (bottom), noisy garage doors, vibrating garage door openers, air leaks through garage doors.

Property Managers & Townhouse Corporations

Easy Access Garage Doors is committed to helping property managers and townhouse corporation reaching their standards of excellence for all properties. The preventitive maintenance program is an excellent way to ensure that buildings are kept update and saves fustrating downtime and expensive repairs

In addition, we install large quantities of garage door and openers for the complex. Easy Access Garage doors is equipped with the staff and materials to accomodate your request, ensuring that quantity still equal quality. For request or futher information please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.